Balance Bikes Benefits

The Benefits of Riding a Balance Bicycle

A balance bike, also know as the run bike, is a training bicycle whose purpose is to help children learn balance and steering. Contrary to the normal bicycle, a balance one has no pedals, crankset and chain or training wheels. It can be made by removing pedals and related parts from the normal bicycle or you can have it custom-made.

In order to work properly and to get the best results out of it, a balance bike must be small enough to let the rider walk the bicycle while comfortably sitting in the seat. While performing that, both feet need to be flat on the ground.

It is recommended for the child to start learning balance by walking the bicycle while standing over the saddle first. Walking it while sitting in the saddle should be performed later, when the initial skill has already been embraced. In time, the child will feel comfortable enough to run while riding the balance bicycle or even cruise around on two wheels with both feet lifted of the ground.

One of the biggest advantages of the balance bikes over the normal one is that the rider learns the balance first and pedal last. With a normal bicycle equipped with training wheels it is completely the opposite. Another advantage of the balance bicycle is the generally agreed opinion that a bicycle with pedals is too difficult for most young children and there is also the possibility that training wheels will encourage the child to embrace some behaviors which later need to be unlearned.

There is no time needed to learn how to ride a balance bike. It’s been proven that children instinctively know what to do with it. With only a few hours of practice, children as young as 18 months can learn how to cruise a balance bike. A few years after that, when they are old enough and ready to use a normal pedal bike, their experience from riding the balance bike will help them to master the pedaling part with no difficulties what so ever.