Why no pedals?

Balance bikes have a lot of advantages over the normal bicycles, especially when we talk about young children that are just starting their “balancing career”. First of all, balance bicycles are not heavy, which makes them extremely easy to use. They also have no chains and the mechanical parts have been reduced to minimum in order to make them as safe as possible for the young children. The lack of chains and mechanical parts makes them clean and is protecting your child’s health that way as well.

With no stabilizers used children are capable of developing an intensive feeling for balance. What makes this particularly possible is the fact that children have complete control when they navigate and control the bicycle in the exact way they want to. Of course, bicycles with pedals and stabilizers can help the child to develop some kind of balance, but the main problem with learning the balance on a normal bike is that a child will feel false self confidence when the stabilizers get removed and possibly hurt himself.

When children are using balance bikes, they learn the balance first and the pedaling part comes after that. Completely contrary to that, a normal bicycle that is equipped with training wheels is practically forcing the rider to learn pedaling first and then balance after. Some people still think that learning on the normal bicycle with training wheels is a whole lot easier for young children to acquire. However, most people tend to agree that a bicycle equipped with pedals is too difficult for most young children to handle. It is also important to mention that the usage of training wheels may, and in most cases will, encourage the child to accept a certain type of behavior that will later, when the training wheels are removed, have to be unlearned.

All the mentioned advantages of using the balance bicycle over the normal bicycle with training wheels are showing that getting the balance bike for your child is the best possible option. Balance bicycles are lighter, cleaner, safer to use and will help your child learn the balance once for good.