Balance Bikes

What are Balance Bikes??

Balance bikes are sometimes referred to as runner bikes, walker bikes or trainer bikes. A balance bike is a specifically developed bike designed for young children aged between 2 and 6. The bikes are a simple design and because children do not pedal them they do not feature a pedal, chain or crankset, instead they push themselves along the ground using their feet.

How old does a child need to before they can use a Balance Bike?

There is no set age a child can begin to use a balance bike, a child as young as 2 years old can start riding. The basic rule for a balance bike is that a child is old enough when they can sit on the seat and their feet can touch the ground. The seat of a balance bike should be lower than a standard bike seat so that children can sit whilst pushing themselves along. Eventually, a child will begin to run on the bike, lift their feet up and then balance on just the two wheels.

What are the benefits of Balance Bikes?

There are many benefits gained from your child using a balance bike at a young age, some children begin riding them from as young as 18 months old. One of the main benefits of a balance bike is that it will build a child's confidence; as long as a child's feet can reach the floor they will not be scared of falling and will then quickly learn to balance without realising. A child doesn't need the help of a parent when using a balance bike which provides them with a level of independence and will make a quick run to the shops a more fun experience for you and your child. Another benefit to the balance bike is that they are extremely safe, because the child feels in control they will go at a speed they feel safe at, moreover, the seat is very low so if they occasionally stumble they won't fall a great distance. As with riding any other bike, a balance bike will provide your child with some exercise and burn off some of that energy. One of the most important benefits of a balance bike is that it naturally develops balance within a child, the more a child uses a balance bike the better their natural balance will be. And lastly, a balance bike will make the transition to a pedal bike quick and easy.